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Bringing Innovation and Sustainability to BC's Forests

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Vanderhoof - 1996

Westlake Contracting Ltd. began as an owner operator log hauling business in 1996. In 2002, we decided to venture into timber harvesting. Westlake Contracting harvested aspen off of family land for Ainsworth Lumber in 100 Mile House. The mountain pine beetle brought about the next opportunity. It was at this point that the business grew rapidly. In 2010, Westlake entered into a joint venture with Rahn Bros Ltd. & Eagle Creek Logging Ltd. to buy two timber licenses for West Fraser in 100 Mile House - Terra Timber Holdings Inc. In 2014, Terra Timber set the record for most wood delivered across any West Fraser scale in one month at 49,867m3. After a significant plane crash in 2015, Jordie (owner) decided to take necessary time off to recover. This turned into a five year period of other business interests including a liquor store, carwash, numerous rental properties and a Chevron Gas Station. Fast forward to 2022. Old habits die hard, and a love for the forest industry has brought him back to his roots. In early 2022, after coming across an interesting Youtube video about a machine called an Alstor, Jordie & Karen decided to make a trip to Sweden to investigate their forest practices and the equipment used. After extensive research and planning, an idea was devised to use new, more specialized equipment to fill a niche in the province of British Columbia somewhere between an arborist, and a large scale logging company. These machines will be used to thin private land and commercial forests with the positive effects of improved aesthetics, and reduced fire hazard, while creating healthier forests, and revenue for private landowners. All of this will be accomplished with little to no ground damage, as well as economic mob and de-mob using only a dually pickup and a tridem gooseneck trailer. Westlake is very excited about this new chapter of working with trees, and feels much better about the positive environmental direction their company is taking.

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