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Straight from Sweden


An open cab machine with mechanical driveline and full-locking differential gears creates service friendliness and reliability. 

Alstor 3.jpeg


With the Alstor 850 series, we take the step towards a fully professional machine, built like a large machine but in a minimalist way to minimize complexity, maximize serviceability and operational reliability.

Alstor 850.jpg


A closed cab version of the 822.


Alstor 822. The machine is built in high-strength steel with a fully protected and centered propeller shaft. The machine has articulated steering, high ground clearance and eight-wheel drive. The machine can be easily transported on a regular car trailer and in combination with a high transport speed, it simplifies accessibility to the land.


It is the most agile harvester in its class, capable of being paired with multiple stroke de-limbing heads. An example of this would be the Tapio 160.

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